SymbOS Previews
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Some information

On this website you will regulary find new previews of the current SymbOS development state and its applications.
The following components are included in the preview:
  • SymShell 2.0 beta, the improved version of the command line interface
  • SymbOS EP, the forth port of SymbOS (Enterprise 128)
  • SymZilla browser and document viewer 0.1 alpha version
  • three demonstration DOX documents for testing SymZilla
  • source codes of the three demo DOX documents
  • internal documentation about the SymbOS DOX richtext format


SymbOS EP SymbOS EP with some text applications SymbOS EP running on an 1MB system SymbOS EP running at a screen resolution of 640x200
SymZilla running on a CPC in screen mode 1 (320x200x4). The same on the CPC in screen mode 2 (640x200x2). SymZilla running on a MSX in screen mode 7 (512x212x16). The complete demo document (made out of different screenshots).