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If you have questions or comments concerning CLiPS then feel free to send us some e-mail. As the public interest in CLiPS is rather great, we cannot promise everybody a fast answer. Please be patient!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here's a summary of your most "popular" questions.

Q: Why is a SuperCPU required for running CLiPS?
A: The CLiPS kernal runs in 16Bit native mode and uses the SuperCPU's special features to gain the most possible system performance.

Q: Will CLiPS run with a Flash8, too?
A: No, it won't. Though the Flash8 accelerator board also contains a 65816 CPU, it doesn't provide some SuperCPU specific features that CLiPS bases on.

Q: Does CLiPS also work with NTSC computers?
A: CLiPS auto-detects your hardware and is able to handle all system configurations. It doesn't matter whether you work with a PAL or an NTSC machine or if you own a SuperCPU V1 or V2.

Q: What's the difference between CLiPS and other C64 operating system?
A: Since many other operating system projects base on UNIX-like kernals, their main feature will be the connection to the Internet. CLiPS is supposed to be a graphical operating system and therefore puts its strengths on graphicals purposes. Of course this doesn't mean that CLiPS won't contain TCP/IP drivers, too. ;-)

Q: How about drivers for the CMD mass storage devices like FD, HD and RAMLink?
A: As mentioned above, CLiPS is especially designed for the CMD devices. That means that the device drivers for CMD FD, HD and RAMLink are already installed into the CLiPS kernal. You don't have to worry about 1581-Emulation-Partitions; CLiPS makes use of all the device's abilities in their native mode. Refer to the Pathfinder section on this site.

Q: Will CLiPS be able to handle with foreign devices (e.g. IDE64), too?
A: The Pathfinder provides the feature to install foreign device drivers. The new devices will appear in the Device Selection like all other devices, too. Whether these devices are real (IDE64, SCSI-CD-ROM) or virtual (RAM-Disk, D64-Images) doesn't matter.

Q: Will CLiPS be free-ware?
A: It won't be for free, but we are going to offer it at a price that all C64 users will be able to afford! ;-)

Q: When is the first CLiPS version expected to be released?
A: We don't promise anything! We hope to complete the kernal in Summer 2000, but as we all know, there are so many things that can delay projects like this. We prefer to provide a high-quality instead of a buggy product.

Q: What about all my GEOS graphics and documents?
A: CLiPS will provide converter tools to import both geoWrite and geoPaint files. Whether it will be possible to import whole databases or DTP-documents depends on the future applications if they are going to support this or not.

Q: Why are homepage updates so extremely rare? ;-)
A: The answer is simple: the development team concentrates on the kernal and not on the site. But there's a good message! In future, this site will be maintained by a seperated crew so that the developers won't lose time for coding anymore. :-)

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