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Last updated: 2000-05-08

Welcome to the main page of CLiPS. Here you will find facts and information about the new graphical operating system especially designed and developed for C64 computers that are equipped with a CMD SuperCPU.

CLiPS wants to be a new beginning. While GEOS happens to be a never-ending story (being patched to work with CMD devices since 1986), it is the aim of CLiPS to set a new standard in C64 productivity and combine a high-performance system with a solid modern-looking graphical interface.
C64 users won't have to hide behind the "bigger" machines in future. CLiPS provides nowaday's features like preemptive multitasking and real windowing. So it will finally give your C64 the missing modern touch.

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Last not least
We would like to thank the C64 and SuperCPU fans for their great interest in our project. We've received many mails with questions, encouraging comments or just nice words. Thank you for these mails! :-)
Keep the spirit alive in the year 2001 and have fun with the Commodore 64!


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